Friday, January 7, 2011

Game Day Friday - Lines, Commentary, and Interview

Wow. It seems like forever since I've been back into the Carlson Center. As the Carlson staff get back to their routine to get the ice and facility ready for game time, the players get to their pre-game rituals, I get to mine...

The coaches luncheon went well today. Again, kind of an odd feeling since I haven't been to one in over a month... But nonetheless, it was still a good time as always. Coach Blashill made some good comments about the team, the season, and his history as a coach and a player. Coach Ferguson confirmed that Kevin Petovello would be ready to go, and indeed he is. He's wearing a monster brace on his right knee though. Rumors have circulated that Kevin may be playing on a torn knee ligament, but that is unconfirmed.

Had a chance to talk with coach Ferguson before the game about the series, as well as an inquiry on defensive depth. Rather than type the responses, feel free to have a listen. Download

That said, lets move on to the lines for tonight. Dallas has once again shaken things up, so we'll see how the guys work.

F1 Kevin Petovello - Cody Kunyk - Nik Yaremchuk
F2 Carlo Finucci - Jarret Granberg - Andy Taranto
F3 Chad Gehon - Derek Klassen - Ronnie Meyers
F4 Colton Beck - Justin Filzen - Erik Slemp

D1 Joe Sova - Aaron Gens
D2 Bryant Molle - Michael Quinn
D3 Kaare Odegard - Scott Enders

G1 Scott Greenham
G2 Colin Rundelll
G3 Steve Thompson

Just as I suspected, Jerry Kuhn will get the start in net for the Broncos. Pisellini isn't even on the line chart for tonight, so it will be interesting to see how things go, since I haven't seen him play...

Western Michigan

F1 Trevor Elias - Max Campbell - Greg Squires
F2 Shane Berschbach - Chase Balisy - Dane Walters 
F3 Ryan Watson - Ian Slater - Mike Leone
F4 Derek Roehl - Ben Warda - Kyle O'Kane

D1 Danny Dekeyser - Luke Witkowski 
D2 Dennis Brown - Matt Tennyson
D3 Mike Levendusky - Ross Henry

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