Monday, September 27, 2010

Nanooks Ranked 12th

So the first poll has hit the press, and the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine poll has Alaska ranked 12th. Here's how the poll looks.

1. Boston College
2.  North Dakota
3. Miami
4. Michigan
5. Yale
6. St. Cloud
7. Maine
8. New Hampshire
9. Minnesota-Duluth
10. Cornell
11. Denver
12. Alaska
13. Wisconsin
14. Boston University
15. Minnesota

-The Kendall Classic now looks even more appealing with the Fighting Sioux sitting atop the list.

-Michigan's rank is no more than a salute to their program. Granted, you can never count out Red's team, but they were not strong enough last year to top the likes of Yale or St. Cloud.

Granted, my take is a little different, and debate could go on forever of who should be where on this list. This is simply an estimate of where the chips will fall. None of these teams have really taken the ice yet. Once the season starts, these will change. They always do.

That said, its getting to be that time for the guys to get out and show the world that they don't belong at #12.  They are going to have to win their way up the ladder and earn their rightful spot.

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