Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CCHA Preseason Polls Released

Miami and Michigan at the top. Sound familiar? Thought so. Nanooks sit in third in this years Coaches Poll, and fourth in the Media poll. The teams are listed by rank below. As Coach Ferguson said this morning, "It's nice to be recognized in the polls, but right now, everyone is 0-0-0".  Which is completely true. All of these rankings that are coming out, just like the USA Today poll from Monday. At this point, its all subjective. Starting tomorrow, the guys have to get out there and start earning it.

Secondly, Andy Taranto was named to the CCHA All-Conference Second Team, and Joe Sova, along with Scott Greenham, earned honorable mentions.

Coaches Poll

Team (first-place votes)   Points
 1. Michigan (8)              108
 2. Miami (3)                 103
 3. Alaska                     81
 4. Michigan State             76
 5. Notre Dame                 75
 6. Northern Michigan          65
 7. Ferris State               64
 8. Ohio State                 56
 9. Lake Superior State        35
10. Western Michigan           29
11. Bowling Green              23

Media Poll

Team (first-place votes)   Points
 1. Miami (57)                877
 2. Michigan (17)             825
 3. Michigan State (1)        651
 4. Alaska                    618
 5. Notre Dame                567
 6. Ferris State              546
 7. Northern Michigan         536
 8. Ohio State                428
 9. Lake Superior State       312
10. Western Michigan          225
11. Bowling Green             190


mmf said...

Can't argue with #1 & #2. And both the Media and the Coaches may have got it right. Miami will probably win the conference regular season but Michigan may be the better team.

I would like to think that the Nooks are solid enough for a chance to pull an upset for the conference tourney title.

Jason said...

Preseason polls are fun to look at but mean squat. I think, barring anything unusual, that we will finish in the top 4.