Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nanooks Stifle Ohio State 4-1 as Taranto Gets A Hat Trick

I gotta say, I love the production value of yesterday's game. The Big Ten network definitely talked up the Nanooks and didn't make excuses for Ohio State. Rather than recap the game, BTN did the job for me. Check out the video below.

So they did get some facts wrong. Taranto may not have had a multi-goal game streak going in to the weekend (Dion scored all 3 last weekend against MSU), but Taranto's hat trick marks the first hatty since Curtis Fraser netted 3 goals in a losing effort against Bowling Green back in 2006. That year, there were actually 3 hat tricks scored, Fraser had the last one, and Kyle Greentree had two hat tricks that season, one against Nebraska-Omaha, and one against Lake Superior just 3 weeks apart.

What BTN didn't show at the end of that video was a very unselfish move as Dion Knelsen had a clear shot at the empty net, but aware of his surroundings, Taranto was on his wing, Dion passed it out to him towards the wall, and Taranto shot it in for his 3rd of the evening.

A great night for #29. His parents made it out to Value City Arena for the game yesterday, and watched their son go to town on the Buckeyes. If they were wearing hats, I'm sure to bet that they weren't wearing one as they left that night.

Although yesterday's game was on Big Ten Network, today's game will not be. Hockey will get bounced in favor of collegiate basketball. If you'd like to follow the game, you may listed to Bruce Cech's always reliable radio broadcast on 91.5FM in Fairbanks, or streaming online at - I will also be Tweeting most of the game on my Twitter feed as always, but may not be able to tweet the entirety of the game due to other obligations.

Here are a few other recaps from yesterday's contest.
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Danny Martin's Recap - DNM

Expect a different look from OSU tonight. The Buckeyes went with Cal Heeter in net yesterday, and I don't expect that decision to stick today. The Nanooks have really tightened up their game, and its going to take every bit of skill that OSU has to beat UA tonight.


Donald Dunlop said...

You're doing an excellent job of covering your team on this blog. UAF fans should be pleased and I hope you're getting lots of hits as a reward for your efforts.

I'm sorry of course that you'll be having to recap two losses to UAA soon.

GoNooks314 said...

Thanks Donald, I appreciate that. I'm finding that a lot of hits are coming my way, but I have a feeling after the Nanooks decapitate ACC, my page views will skyrocket ;).