Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Governor's Cup - Calling All Students

UAF students, if you want to go to Anchorage to watch the demolition of the UAA hockey program, $30 gets you a bus ride to Skankorage and back, a ticket to the game, some type of Anti-UAA t-shirt, and a noise-maker or two. UAF Student Activities has reserved a section of 100 seats at the Sullivan Arena right behind the Nanooks bench, and for those that want to sit in that section, you can contact Cody Rogers with UAF SAO at or by phone at 474-6026 to purchase a ticket for $10, much less than face value. Granted, once you get to Los Anchorage, you have to provide your own housing, and transportation to and from the game and your housing location.

The bus will leave Friday morning, likely pretty early, from the UAF campus. When I spoke with Ms. Rogers this afternoon, I neglected to ask for the bus schedule, but rest assured that you'll leave Friday with plenty of time to get to the game, and you will leave Saturday morning with plenty of time to get back for the game in Fairbanks.

One note to add, when you get off of the bus in Anchorage... you are no longer affiliated with a UAF program.

Okay, maybe two notes to add. The Seawolf picture included above is quite old, however, it since been re-spotted...

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