Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where are they now?

A weekly segment to pass on information about past UAF Nanooks and their pro career.

Ryan Lang (2000-2004)
Ryan Lang has bounced around from
ECHL, AHL, and Italy after leaving the Nanooks. For the 06-07 he was the Augusta Lynx team captain and was a fan favorite from everything I have read. He took a year off from the ECHL and played a year in Italy and decided to come back for one last try for the AHL/NHL. For the 08-09 season he skated for the Florida Everblades of the ECHL and 1 game for the Houston Areos, affiliate of the Minnesota Wild.

He was my favorite skater from this class. He brought a grit AND finesse to our team that I would like to see us get back to under Coach Ferguson.

Ryan McLeod (2004-2006)

I always wondered what happen to the All-CCHA tournament team member. Remember the game against Bowling Green in the 04-05 playoffs (I am sure Coach Paluch does)? 2 Goals in 13 seconds. I can not remember a game where Bruce Cech screamed louder (or me).

Unfortunately for us, Ryan left earlier than we all hoped. He went to the ECHL, then to the CHA, and Europe. He had a great season skating for the Olofströms IK in Sweden where he was second on the team in scoring and a +13.

Next week, Jeff Penner


Anonymous said...

May I suggest:

to track how many hits you get, and where you get them

GoNooks314 said...

I use Google Analytics. Gives me way more information than site meter does.

Thanks for the tip though.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so do you guys think you'll be competive with us this year?

GoNooks314 said...

Hard to say, considering UAF doesn't really compete with UAA. Sure there is the Governor's cup (which our "beloved" governor decided not to present), which the series is now tied, 8-8. But we don't play the same style hockey, thus we don't recruit the same style of players. We've built our team around the CCHA style of hockey, the smaller, more agile, and more fundamentally skilled type players. That's the difference now, versus the Tavis regime, under which UAF never lost to UAA. We had a lot of players on both sides of the fence, which didn't work out very well on the CCHA side of life. But worked out very well against UAA, which if that were all that mattered, the last 3 Gov-Cup series would have been a bit different. Sure, if UAF jumps to the WCHA, then we would have to adapt, but until this happens, I'm sure Dallas will focus on winning at the Joe.