Friday, June 26, 2009

UNO Moves In...

So it's official. A lot of sources are pointing to semi-official statements saying that the University of Nebraska-Omaha has been semi-officially accepted into the WCHA. No hard evidence that UNO has been accepted, but a lot of trusted blogs and some news articles have reported on the seemingly-inevitable. I'm sure their allusions are accurate. Outside of the WCHA blindly not seeing the benefits of UAF being in the league, there are a valid list of reasons for UNO to be into the WCHA, but not as long as the list for UAF. Not that any of this matters now that UNO has secured the spot, but its worth me at least griping about for a sentence or two. Not to worry, the Alaska coaches, athletic department, and Forrest Karr himself have reiterated several times that they are happy with and have a good, long-standing relationship with Tom Anastos, and the CCHA. We've been there for a very large chunk of time, since before Al Gore invented the internet for me to blog about it anyway.

But without all of this speculation out of the way, that leaves us with Alabama-Huntsville to talk about. Which, with UNO out, does the CCHA want to be an 11-team league? Probably not. So they are an effective shoe-in. But there is chatter circulating around Wisconsin and their possible interest in the CCHA clubhouse. What will be brewing in the coming weeks with this? Time will tell. More to come on this as more information surfaces.

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