Friday, March 6, 2015

Game Day - Governor's Cup Thoughts

Regardless of the outcome this weekend, the Nanooks season ends after the final buzzer on Saturday night. Last season, these same two teams skated a brutal 5-games straight in Fairbanks as last year's Junior class watched their season end on home ice at the hands of their most bitter rivals. The struggle continued earlier this spring when the Seawolves won another two straight games again at the Carlson Center, giving them quite the advantage in the Governor's cup going into the final two game series as we close the season.

Flip the table around, the Nanooks now have the upper hand despite the current series record. The boys in Blue and Gold have the chance to keep ACC on the couch for playoffs themselves as the Seawolves currently sit in last place by 3 points, the only position this season that will be disqualified from playoff contention. If the Nanooks can win just one game this weekend, ACC sits at home too.

The Seapups are 1-9-0 in their last 10 games, being outscored a walloping 43-20 in that stretch. Which includes the 10-0 embarrassment at the hands of the MTU Huskies in the confines of the Sullivan arena. Prior to last week's upset over Bowling Green, the Seawolves last win(s) were in Fairbanks a midst a tough stretch for the Nanooks. Currently riding a 6 game unbeaten streak, and along side North Dakota as the only teams in college hockey to go undefeated in February, things are looking different from mid January.

But, there is still a trophy on the line here. And with nothing to lose, this is the Nanooks playoffs this weekend. This is the trophy they're striving for. And with all of the other NCAA noise that shrouds this season, this is what matters. Two wins and a skills competition later, another blue plaque gets put on that cup and our seniors get to raise the cup on Sullivan ice and graduate winners. Time to buck up and get it done, boys.

Both games this weekend are broadcast live in Fairbanks on Fox channel 7 so those of you not making the trek south are taken care of. I'm on the afternoon flight down with several others today. I've heard from quite a few people making the trip as well, should be a fun weekend.

Despite the age of this video, it still gets me pumped up. The guy who made this can't get enough credit. Thanks TB! Hopefully we can get another one this year...


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Squarebanks said...

If the good guys win tonight to officially eliminate UAA, tomorrow is going to be an all out war for that trophy. Keep your heads on a swivel, boys (and fans).