Friday, February 27, 2015

Nanooks On The Road in Huntsville

While I would say that this should be easy for the Nanooks this weekend, but its not as much as one would think. The Chargers have already swept the Seawolves and the Wildcats in Huntsville. And this series is the Chargers' final hoo-rah at home this season, so like the Nanooks' push to upset the Mavericks two weeks ago, expect the Chargers to make a similar push.

I said it earlier this year, and I'll say it again. The Chargers are very defensively oriented, they just struggle offensively. They've scored 4+ goals just twice this season. Carmine Guerrero still is no slouch either.

I'm hoping the Nanooks' effort against the Mavericks gives them some motivation to finish the season strong. I know the possibilities for a postseason run isn't there, but the Governor's Cup is still on the table.

I was hoping that the Nanooks would have been able to make a run for the WCHA regular season trophy--The MacNaughton Cup--but that has come and gone already. However, a sweep of the Seapups in Anchorage and a shootout win puts another blue plaque on the side of the trophy and keeps it in Fairbanks. Especially after last season, I would love to see that happen.

First things first though, the 'Nooks need to take care of business this weekend. The games start just after 4PM Alaska time both nights from Huntsville, Alabama.

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