Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Good News and Bad News

As usual, might as well start with the bad news. The Nanooks lost. Twice. To the Seawolves.

All I can say is "Ugh...". I had another diatribe written, but the only explanation I can give for only scoring 3 goals on some 90 shots on goal for the weekend is their goalie. Mantha stepped up and got it done all weekend. And rightly was named the rookie of the week for the WCHA. Despite the penalty situation Friday, the Nanooks had their fair share of power play chances on Saturday but just didn't execute. The Nanooks offense has been quite steady, but Matt Thomas and the Seawolves had their number this weekend and while the Seawolves weren't defensively amazing by any standards, they held the 'Nooks offense to the outside for most of the night and when the 'Nooks did get pucks inside, they lacked the confidence to make the timely play.

Seemed like the Nanooks were ringing the iron all night long too. I didn't see the official stats on that one, but I unofficially counted 4. Someone else said 5. Either way, those 2 3/8" bars seemed a lot bigger Saturday.

Anyway, on to the good news. As I mentioned Thursday, there was a silent auction benefitting Justin Woods in the rink this weekend. Well over 100 items were donated. Everything from gift certificates and items from local businesses to a size 32 Reebok signed by Shaq. Jerseys from a myriad of NHL clubs and former Nanook players. Framed photos, posters, and over 100 items sold.

Justin also recorded a video that was played in the Carlson Center this weekend reporting that he had just two treatments left and hopefully will be cancer free and back in Fairbanks by the end of February. A phenomenal proclamation. But spending nearly a year in Seattle undergoing expensive treatment has been assumably financially exhausting.

After the weekend was over, $25,650 was raised for Justin and his family to help offset some of his medical expenses. Which brings the total to just shy of $70,000 total since Justin began treatment. And for those of you who weren't able to make it to Fairbanks this weekend, Justin's GoFundMe page is still open accepting donations 

As for Justin's Nanooks, they head out for Houghton, Michigan to take on the Michigan Tech team that has also been struggling as of late with just one win in their last 5. Including a 47-save shutout for Joel Rumpel at Wisconsin. But with the Huskies playing their 3rd and 4th games of their 6 game home stand this coming weekend, so expect them to be fresh.

Until then. Go 'Nooks!

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Anonymous said...

Hockey-wise that was just a bad weekend all the way around. Didn't show up in the first period of Friday plus the late game meltdown, then on Saturday made UAA look like Tim Thomas and the 2011 Bruins. Allowing 3 goals on 16 shots isn't stellar defense. As much as I hate to say it, it seemed like our guys wanted to come out and crack heads while UAA came to play hockey. And frankly, that attitude probably cost us the trophy for this year.

Even taking the rivalry out of the equation, our guys got whipped at home by a team that is still in last place in the WCHA even after this sweep and, until this weekend, hadn't won a true road game all year and was something like 1-10 in their last 11 games. At the end of the day, those are the facts that make me mad. On paper, UAA had no business winning those games on Fairbanks ice, and I hope our guys remember that in March in Anchorage.