Friday, November 21, 2014

Nanooks Look to Turn Things Around in The Soo

Riding a 5 game losing streak after a 5 game winning streak, the 'Nooks look to get things turned around (maybe another 5+ game win streak, eh guys? C'mon! A guy can hope right?!) after a weekend off and an early departure to Sault Ste. Marie.

It's hard to really explain the cause of the down swing. Really, all but one game were one goal games. And the main differences in close games as any coach will tell you comes down to special teams and goaltending. The power play has been up for the 'Nooks, about 18% in the past 4 games. But the penalty kill is starting to swing downward at 74%. Goaltending hasn't changed much, but one could argue that neither Davis Jones, nor Sean Cahill have taken their games to the next level. Also John Keeney has been a silent man thus far this season. I thought he would be sharing time with either Cahill or Jones, but I didn't figure that he would be riding the pine pony thus far. Keeney played the last two periods of the second game against Bowling Green and honestly looked good despite allowing the one goal early. He seems a bit more calm in net than the other two, perhaps the pressure is setting in. Again, hard to say. But honestly, the defense hasn't helped their goaltenders out much.

Hopefully, things will come together this weekend. Honestly the Lake State Lakers are in a bit of a down year. The 'Nooks left Monday night on the red eye to make the trek up there. They've had a bit extra time and I'm hoping that the weekend off has helped them relax a bit.

I've got my eye on a few players to step up this weekend. From the forward lines, Jared Larson and Peter Krieger have been pretty quiet since the season started. Krieger made some noise early, but since Tyler Morley came back in the lineup, he has scored just one point. Jared Larson has been in and out of the lineup, but in six games played so far, he's -4 and no points. He's a good player, but isn't playing to his potential.

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