Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up - Nanooks Earn First WCHA Series Sweep

A good weekend for the 'Nooks to tune up their game and they took advantage. While the 6-1 finish Friday was nice to see, although I thought the 'Nooks were a little out of their element and seemed to be a bit showboatish and not sticking to their systems.  Personally, if the guys had a record over .500, I wouldn't care as much, but these last 8 games are the difference between playing for a title, or watching everyone play from home. I just got a little frustrated with a few players seeming to be a little individualistic, and I get that UAH isn't great but it needs to be about the team, not just their individual stats. Mike Corbett, their head coach said it best that the teams they play are earning their seeding, not just skating by them.

Saturday was more evident of that as I thought they played the 'Nooks much tighter despite the results, which was more of a team result as the guys seemed to stick to their systems a bit more. They got a few more shots on goal, and played a more well-rounded game in my humble opinion.

On the whole, the 'Nooks scored 12 goals in the same weekend for the first time under head coach Dallas Ferguson. A good offensive effort against statistically the worst defense in hockey as we see the offensive potential of the Nanooks offensive units. Happy to see the guys get their first official sweep on the season. A few close ones, but the Nanooks have not been able to close games out occasionally.

The 'Nooks now sit in a tie for 5th as the boys get a week off here throughout Hockey Week in Fairbanks, and the guys have a lot of community outreach activities planned. They'll take on the Special Olympians in a round of floor hockey, as well as reading some stories to kids in area elementary schools and some presentations as part of their "Buddies, Not Bullies" anti-bullying program. Also had the Hockey Hall of Fame Heritage exhibit in the Carlson Center this week with several Alaskan NHLers on display, as well as several of the trophies making their way to Fairbanks (Stanley Cup excluded) to highlight several other Hockey Week activities.

After this week settles down, the Nanooks will hit the road Monday night, flying into Green Bay, Wisconsin before bussing up to Houghton, Michigan for the final road series of the regular season against Michigan Tech. Big series there as the Huskies sit tied with the Nanooks at the moment with a few games in hand.

Not to look too far ahead, but you have seen the last of the normal Nanooks' home sweaters. The Ferris State series is Military Appreciation weekend, and the Nanooks debuted the Arctic Camoflauge jerseys last weekend during warmups. After the series, those jerseys will be auctioned off by the Face-Off club. Then the throwback whites will be donned again for the 2nd time this year for the final two games of the Governor's Cup series.

Forgive me for the brevity as of late, this blogger is in much need of a rest. Crazy weeks at work and teaching these last couple of weeks have kicked me pretty hard. I won't lie, I've been looking forward to the bye week here for a bit.

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Team flying to Minneapolis and busing to Duluth Tuesday...on to Houghton on Wednesday.