Friday, January 17, 2014

Nanooks Fall 5-4 to Northern

As I said in my earlier post, the 'Nooks have to be better on defense. And allowing 5 goals on 17 shots on goal is not the recipe for success. The goal that was reviewed in the 3rd period probably should not have been a goal. The official did not signal a call on the ice, and went to review. Had he called no goal, I don't think it could have been overturned.

Down 2-1 to start the 3rd period, the Nanooks would then score 3 goals and still lose the game 5-4. Keeney had periods of brightness tonight, but weird bounces and unfortunate plays gave NMU the 5-4 edge in goals despite being outshot 32-17.

The rematch tomorrow is even more important as the 'Nooks are now 0-2-1 on this road trip. They need to find a way to win. These are desperate times now.

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Jason said...

The one saving grace of this season is they have four winnable games after tomorrow...Bemidji and Huntsville.

I am not expecting much tomorrow. We are cursed in that building....we had a golden chance tonight and blew it.

But this season is tenuously close to being a disaster. As the Toledo beat writer mentioned in his WCHA breakdown today, Alaska has no business being in 9th. To be this talented and possibly shut out of the playoffs is mind boggling.