Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - Closing Out Tech

OK, so I don't think anybody had the 'Nooks chalked up getting swept at home by Tech in their preseason guesses. I sure didn't.

While this isn't panic time yet, the reality is the 'Nooks have lost 6 of the last 7. 4 straight losses now mark the most with coach Ferguson at the helm, and the odd thing is over this past 4 game streak, the 'Nooks are averaging 3.5 goals allowed per game. A lot of which have been big plays. A team that once prided themselves on defense have been able to produce much more offensively this season, but seemingly foregoing what they've been known for since coach Ferguson took over.

I think part of that is goaltending. The three that have started thus far have not had that breakout game to really emerge themselves as the starter. All three have started at least two games now, with Sean Cahill getting his first action between the pipes this past weekend. None of the goaltenders have really had that impressive standout game that we've been bit by. In close games that the Nanooks have lost lately they've simply lost the goaltending battle. And in those tight games, it comes down to which tendy can make that one extra save. Sadly that just hasn't been our guys.

I'm also a bit disappointed with our fans the past few games. I realize the student section was missing a few due to the holiday, but with over 2,000 fans in the arena it was dead quiet at points this weekend. There were 7 fans from Michigan Tech that made more noise than our entire damn arena. They even tried to get the student section riled up and they just sat there...!!! It hasn't been that long, but the days of the Carlson Crazies when I was a student have apparently faded.

As an aside, I have to give props to those guys for buying every stuffed husky Fred Meyer had for sale. The official count I was told was 42, just shy of $400 worth. That was a pretty classy move.

On a positive note, there is still a lot of hockey left to play. And what better way to break a slump then to spank your rival and make them cry in their own house! It's rivalry week as the Alaska Airlines Governor's Cup series returns to a 4 game series and begins this coming weekend in Anchorage. Last I had heard, there were 3 motor coaches booked with members of Nanook Nation headed down to the Sully, and they usually get up for this series. Should be a fun one down there.

I have a guest submitting a post tonight for the rivalry, should be a fun change of pace to read someone new.

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Squarebanks said...

If you can't get up for Under Achieving Alaskans, you aren't a Nanook.

Re: the crowd, I think you can thank the Carlson Center Fun Police and their crusade against noise. It's gotten steadily worse the last few years...that building used to be packed and raucous almost every game.