Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nanooks Roll, Sweep #4/5 Notre Dame in South Bend

WOW!!! What a road trip. I'm still wired and on cloud nine after that sweep. With four back to back wins on this two week roadie, I think the Nanooks are finding their identity. This series was a lot more physical than I was expecting, but that's the game that Notre Dame plays but the Nanooks didn't wait at all for Notre Dame to establish the checking. I really liked that the 'Nooks didn't back down from them. Its no mystery when I say that Notre Dame likes to throw their weight around (Summerhays mugging Morley after Johns checked Morley into him). And if you want to know how good they think they are, just wait around and listen, because they'll tell you.

Anyway like I was saying, the Nanooks really seem to be finding themselves at this point in the season. The chemistry is there, and the Granberg-Morley-Yaremchuk line is just going crazy right now. They're scoring on par with any of the top lines in the country. Both power play goals tonight were from that line, and they're picking it up when the top line hasn't had as much puck luck as of late.

And how good has Trevor Campbell been lately? He hasn't cracked the scoresheet as much as he has in recent history, but very solid positionally and made a lot of smart decisions this weekend. Everytime I heard Tynan or Lee's name come up (which wasn't often tonight), Campbell was right there keeping them in check and keeping them irrelevant. And, oh yeah, he has a real girlfriend.

The 'Nooks return home next weekend to take on the Northern Michigan Wildcats who have put together a 6-game unbeaten streak of their own, including a sweep of St. Cloud and Ohio State. As well as a win and a tie against Miami at home. I hope they're prepared for some payback!


Anonymous said...

Granberg-Yaremchuk-Morley line has hands down been the most consistent and effective line for these past 2 weekends! I am so impressed with Fairbanks for getting Morley. He has not disappointed yet. Definitely the fan favourite

Anonymous said...

Missed a good bit of the game due to GCI getting my hopes up. It was on the T V schedule and I set the DVR. Went to check about a half hour in and it was Friday's game. Listened to the stream from 820sports that rest of the way. I should know not to trust GCI's own schedule but they almost got me again.

Squarebanks said...

CBS refused to allow GCI to re-broadcast the game because GCI doesn't offer the CBS College Sports network.