Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011-12 Schedule Announced

After waiting for what seemed like forever last year, this coming season's schedule has already been announced before the Frozen Four begins. I have one word to say--awesome.

At first glance, you can tell the Nanooks are no longer clustered with the 3 Big Ten teams, and appear to be bundled with Ferris State, Western Michigan, Bowling Green, and Notre Dame. Of which we'll play each other 4 times, once in Fairbanks, and once in their respective barns. As a reminder as well, next year's tournament participants include St. Cloud and Clarkson, then Nebraska-Omaha and Mercyhurst for the Kendall and Brice respectively.

Should be an interesting season. Seems to be a pretty strong first half with a couple of Bowling Greens slipped in there. Here is the pasted schedule from the Nanooks website... What's your take?

9/24/2011BLUE VS GOLD ^Fairbanks, AKH7:00 PMDetails
Kendall Hockey Classic
10/7/2011St. Cloud State %Anchorage, AKN5:07 PMDetails
10/8/2011Clarkson %Anchorage, AKN4:07 PMDetails
Alaska Goal Rush
10/14/2011Alaska Anchorage vs. Nebraska-OmahaFairbanks, AKN5:05 PMDetails
10/14/2011MERCYHURST %Fairbanks, AKH8:05 PMDetails
10/15/2011Alaska Anchorage vs. MercyhurstFairbanks, AKN4:05 PMDetails
10/15/2011NEBRASKA-OMAHA %Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
10/21/2011WESTERN MICHIGAN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
10/22/2011WESTERN MICHIGAN *Fairbanks. AKH7:05 PMDetails
10/28/2011Ohio State *Columbus, OHA3:05 PMDetails
10/29/2011Ohio State *Columbus, OHA3:05 PMDetails
11/4/2011MIAMI (OH) *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
11/5/2011MIAMI (OH) *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
11/11/2011Notre Dame *South Bend, INA3:35 PMDetails
11/12/2011Notre Dame *South Bend, INA3:05 PMDetails
11/18/2011FERRIS STATE *Fairbanks, AKH7:35 PMDetails
11/19/2011FERRIS STATE *Fairbanks, AKH7:35 PMDetails
11/25/2011Bowling Green *Bowling Green, OHA3:05 PMDetails
11/26/2011Bowling Green *Bowling Green, OHA3:05 PMDetails
12/2/2011MICHIGAN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
12/3/2011MICHIGAN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/6/2012Northern Michigan *Marquette, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/7/2012Northern Michigan *Marquette, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/13/2012Ferris State *Big Rapids, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/14/2012Ferris State *Big Rapids, MIA3:05 PMDetails
1/20/2012BOWLING GREEN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/21/2012BOWLING GREEN *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/27/2012NOTRE DAME *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
1/28/2012NOTRE DAME *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
2/3/2012Western Michigan *Kalamazoo, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/4/2012Western Michigan *Kalamazoo, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/10/2012LAKE SUPERIOR *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
2/11/2012LAKE SUPERIOR *Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails
2/17/2012Michigan State *East Lansing, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/18/2012Michigan State *East Lansing, MIA3:05 PMDetails
2/24/2012ALASKA ANCHORAGE #Anchorage, AKA7:07 PMDetails
2/25/2012Alaska Anchorage #Fairbanks, AKH7:05 PMDetails


mmf said...

UAA must have set the Governor's Cup schedule. Although their season will be long over by March 24th, we'll hopefully still be playing in the tourney and will probably have to forfeit those games. Cheaters.

...or maybe it's a typo. :)

Britton said...

Yup. It was a typo. But since Anchorage won't be kicking it in the tournament, I'm sure they wanted to schedule something in that time frame to keep themselves busy... ;)

Jason said...

Man, 30+ day break followed by two weeks on the road in December and January. That could be brutal. Other than that, looks about like par for the course.