Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nanooks Move On, Move Past MSU 4-3 in Double OT

After 80 minutes, I can only imagine how the guys felt coming out of the locker room for the second overtime. When I was playing football years ago, we had a game in the playoffs go into triple overtime, and it took every ounce of energy to keep going.

Needless to say, the guys looked gassed, but coming out of the locker room into the second overtime, the guys seemed to have caught a spark and definitely outhustled the Spartans through the first 3:18, and that's all they needed. Nik Yaremchuk, again with an overtime game winner, after pulling the puck off the boards, he danced around a sprawling Michigan State defenseman pulling the puck back in protection, and wristed a shot that beat Yanakeff to end the game.

With the victory, the Nanooks in the Dallas Ferguson era remain undefeated in post-season play at home. The Nanooks are 5-1-0 since Dallas took the helm.

The Nanooks now advance to the second round of the CCHA tournament, where they await the result of game 3 between Northern Michigan and Bowling Green. Should the Falcons pull the upset, the Nanooks will head to Oxford, Ohio next weekend to take on the Miami Redhawks. Should Northern get the W, it's Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.


The A-Hole Lawyer said...

couldn't stay up for the entire tilt last nigt here in the eastern time zone.

Wonder if my B2net purchase includes re-play.

Go Nooks - see you in the midwest next week.

Anonymous said...

Nanooks win Nanooks Win…Beat Michigan State two games to one
3-2 OT Friday///4-3 DOUBLE OT Saturday…Nik Yaremchuk nets both game winners.

Weekend marred by a post game incident between two Nanook fans and MSU coach Rick Comley Friday after game…Seems an exhange of words and a pushing match followed…

Fairbanks Daily News Danny Martin;s comments...I fear Bob and Amy could be punished(maybe?? banned from games) if the CCHA and athletic department hand out some kind of penalty.…)
Running the post game press conference upstairs, I didnt hear about what happened until about 45 minutes after the game and I was leaving...Now its Notre Dame or Miami(OH),,we will find out tonight..Apparently Nanooks had some great bulletin board
material..Seems a journalist/broadcaster had a blog and ranted about the Nanooks did not deserve to be the CCHA,,also bitched and moaned about MSU having to travel twice to Alaska in two weeks.. Man up and finish better than tenth...MSU, with all the resources and ammunition they got, they should never finish that bad in the standings...or at least you would think....

Britton said...

I guess the "undefeated" Comment is pretty confusing. Essentially, I meant that the Nanooks haven't been eliminated at home in the post season.

IntheSky said...

Nanooks are off to Miami after the double overtime victory by Bowling Green at Northern Michigan. Bowling Green goalie stopped 44 of 45 shots on net for the upset victory.

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