Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lines for Saturday - More Shake-ups

After seeing some of the line shifts, the 2nd through 4th line has seen some more renovation. Chad Gehon finds his way into the lineup tonight for the first time this season. Dustin Sather has swapped spots with Carlo Finucci to join Beck and Kunyk on the second line. Slemp and Hohl come out to make way for Henderson and Gehon. Gehon and Meyers had some good chemistry into the end of the season last year. Throwing Adam Henderson in the mix with his physical play to compliment that. You'll notice the top lines never shifted, as they were both +2 on the night.  So without further ado...

#14 Alaska Nanooks

F1 Kevin Petovello (C) - Jarret Granberg - Andy Taranto
F2 Colton Beck - Cody Kunyk - Dustin Sather
F3 Nik Yaremchuk - Derek Klassen - Carlo Finucci
F4 Chad Gehon - Adam Henderson - Ron Meyers

D1 Joe Sova - Aaron Gens
D2 Bryant Molle - Justin Daigle
D3 Michael Quinn - Scott Enders

G1 Scott Greenham
G2 Colin Rundell

#18 Colorado College Tigers

F1 Tim Hall - Nick Dineen - Tyler Johnson
F2 Stephen Schultz - Archie Skalbeck - William Rapuzzi
F3 Jaden Schwartz - Rylan Schwartz - Andrew Hamburg
F4 Alexander Kruselnyski - Scott Winkler - David Civitarese

D1 Ryan Lowery - Eamonn McDermott
D2 Gabe Guentzel - Joe Marciano
D3 Mike Boivin - Arthur Bidwell

G1 Joe Howe
G2 Josh Thorimbert

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Anonymous said...

why does he keep messing with the lines???? i think the way the team played yesterday was just fine. I don't see any line chemistry forming if he keeps switching things up!