Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still here. I'm still debating with myself how to finish of the season, including what I'll be doing in the off-season. I've gotten some interest from an individual who wanted to do recruit and alumni tracking, posting updates on recruits (which I've been lacking, I know), and updating us all on alumni and where they've gone, what they're up to, et cetera. He's made a post or two here before, hopefully he can keep it up...

In the coming week(s), expect to see a post-season report card, and a recruiting update. On the recruiting front, I'm interested to see what Dallas and his staff have in store. I haven't seen any commitments since the conclusion of the season, so it will be intriguing to see what digs up. As a summary, the Nanooks are pulling in four forwards, one defensemen, and one goaltender. The goaltender move is interesting, considering that our three goaltenders consist of two now-sophomores and a junior. With Dustin Molle graduating, the new defenseman should keep a consistent rotation in place on the blue line. I have a niche feeling that Kaare Odegard, the 'Nooks plus-minus leader, will play a more consistent role in the defensive corps. More on all of this later, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The NCAA is selling photos from the tournament. You can check out a few pictures that were taken during the Nanooks vs Boston College in Worcester, Mass at the NCAA Photos website. There aren't very many, but they are pretty good shots of our players. Ronnie Meyers being-tripped-but-kept-eyes-on-net-and-got-shot-on-goal-that-drew-penalty play is probably my personal favorite of the bunch. The shot of Taranto after he scored the lone goal was a pretty great shot as well.

Stemming off of that game, the 'Nooks have a lot to be proud of. Sure, the game was lost, but they gave the Eagles their greatest challenge of the off season. Every other game they played was a blowout of massive proportions (in the Yale game, BC lead 6-2, and 9-4 at points in the game, before Yale attempted an epic comeback that fell short), and Alaska had the Eagles on the ropes rounding out the third period of that game. The game essentially ended 2-1 if you don't count the automatic penalty shot on an empty net goal. Any media member can argue whatever they want, but the Nanooks were the only team in the NCAA tournament that was able to contend with the National Champions. To prove my point..

13 Alaska vs 4 Boston College      - 3-1 W (1 empty net goal for BC)
9 Yale vs 4 Boston College           - 9-7 W
4 Boston College vs. 1 Miami       - 7-1 W
4 Boston College vs. 3 Wisconsin - 5-0 W (National Championship game.

You be the judge...


Amanda M said...

Glad your back! Was wondering if you got in to some sort of trouble with the UAA story! lol

I am looking forward to seeing recruiting posts since I'm now in new york!!

Britton said...

I choose to look at it as more of an exercise of freedom of speech. Plus, I wasn't the only one to stick it to a rival school on April Fool's Day... I think I struck some
nerves here though.

Amanda M said...

Oh I thought it was hilarious. I definitely fell for it up until like half way through reading it. :)