Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Current Events

CCHA Scoring Change
The CCHA has decided to fully embrace the shootout, by going to a 3 point system. Wins in regulation or overtime will net all 3 points to the winning team, whereas teams winning in a shootout will earn 2 points, and the team losing in a shootout earns only 1 point. So, any game that goes to a shootout will see the victor credited with a tie and a shootout win in the conference standings, while the loser will receive credit for a tie.

“We feel that this is a fairer system,” CCHA Commissioner Tom Anastos said. “Now, all teams will have access to the same number of points throughout the regular season and every game is worth three points whether it is decided in regulation time, overtime or a shootout. We also feel this will give teams an added incentive to win a game in regulation time or overtime because they will gain the maximum number of points for doing so.”

Alaska Nanook Women's Hockey Benefit
There will be a wine and beer tasting fundraiser on October 10th at the Fairbank's Curling Club from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. There will be a number of wines and beers to sample provided by K&L Distributors. A silent auction will be held, there will be music, things to buy, and information about the different hockey organizations. This event is being sponsored and hosted by the Fairbanks Women's Hockey Association. Tickets for this event are available for purchase online.

The women's hockey final roster for the 2009-2010 season has also been announced.

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