Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alaska Nanooks Women's Hockey

Received an interesting e-mail this morning with this press release:

Press Release

Working with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Girls’ and Women’s Hockey Inc., and the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), the University of Alaska Women’s Ice Hockey Club has succeeded in bringing collegiate women’s hockey to Alaska!

UAF’s role in the women’s hockey team:

  • Forrest Karr and his staff in Athletics and Campus Recreation support
    the effort to have a women’s hockey team at UAF.

  • Developing a Nanooks Women’s Hockey team at UAF is an effort to provide
    talented female hockey players the opportunity to play collegiate hockey
    in Alaska.

  • UAF’s support for this team will come primarily from administrative
    support provided by the UAF Leadership Program and Department of Athletics
    and Campus Recreation.

Club and team details:

  • During the season the team will practice three times a week.

  • The Alaska Nanooks Women’s Hockey will be the first women’s collegiate
    team in the state to compete in the ACHA.

  • For its inaugural season the team will compete at the Division 2 level
    as an independent. Some of the teams in the ACHA’s D2 division include
    the following universities: University of Minnesota-Duluth, Iowa State
    University, University of Maryland, University of Nebraska, North Dakota
    State University, University of Southern California and the University of

  • ACHA guidelines require all Division 2 student-athletes to be enrolled
    in six credit hours.

  • The team will travel out of Alaska twice during the 2009 - 2010 season.
    The schedule calls for the team to play ACHA Division 1 and 2 teams. In
    January the team is scheduled to play Robert Morris University and
    Lindinwood University. These two teams have met in the ACHA’s Division 1
    championship game the past four years.

  • The team’s expenses are borne primarily by players and community.

  • For this season the season will begin in early September and will end in
    mid-January. The following seasons will run from September to March.

  • Most of the players will have played at the high school level or for
    competitive (travel) teams like the Icebreakers or TeamAlaska. Others
    will have played for prep schools out of state or some collegiate hockey.

  • For the past four years Alaska Girls’ and Women’s Hockey Inc. has
    managed, and provided funding for, the Arctic Bears girls high school

  • The teams’ name will be: “Alaska Nanooks Women’s Hockey”.

  • The team’s jersey design and colors will be the same as the Nanooks
    men’s team.

  • Head coach for the 2009 – 2010 season is Scott Vockeroth. Coach
    Vockeroth is a former player for the Alaska Nanooks men’s team and brings
    extensive coaching experience to the team; having coached numerous Alaska
    Icebreakers teams and the Arctic Bears high school team.

  • Amy Tallerico will be the team’s associate head coach and will serve as
    the ACHA’s team contact. Coach Tallerico is a former goalie for the
    University of Maine and Boston College Women’s Ice Hockey teams. She was
    an assistant coach for the 2002-2003 Woburn Girl’s High School Hockey Team
    that captured the 2003 Massachusetts State Title, and has instructed at
    various camps and training facilities.

The role of Alaska Girls’ and Women’s Hockey Inc.:

  • Amy Tallerico has accepted the position of director of women’s
    collegiate hockey for the Alaska Girls’ and Women’s Hockey Inc.

  • AGWH, Inc. will bring all of its hockey resources to assist in the
    effort to develop a quality women’s hockey program at UAF.

  • The University of Alaska Women’s Ice Hockey Club has entered into an
    agreement with Alaska Girls’ and Women’s Hockey Inc. to provide financial
    support and fundraising resources. This arrangement will allow the team
    to be fully funded by player club dues, Alaska Girls’ and Women’s Hockey,
    Inc, and the community.

  • The team’s first tryout session is scheduled for Tuesday September 8th
    at 9:15pm at UAF’s Patty Ice Arena. Players will need to show proof of
    USA Hockey registration for the 2009-2010 season.

  • Additional team tryout and registration information is available on the
    Nanooks women’s ice hockey website:

For more information contact:

  • Scott Vockeroth: 388-6015

  • Amy Tallerico: 388-2695



mmf said...

Good luck to the "Alaska Nanooks Women's Hockey" team.

btw...what is the "UAF Leadership Program?"

GoNooks314 said...

The UAF Leadership Program is part of Student Organizations. They house the Student Ambassador program, the Orientation Leaders, and maintain and oversee all of the student organizations/clubs on campus.

"The mission of the UAF Leadership Program is to cultivate effective leaders for Alaska by creating and supporting a rich variety of student leadership development opportunities, partnering with academic departments and the community, and recognizing successful student leadership."

GoNooks314 said...

mmf, to elaborate, the women's team is starting off as a club, not as an officially sponsored athletic program through the athletic department, though they are getting some funding from UA Athletics.

I have also been asked repeatedly in person and via email if I was going to cover the women's team as I will the men's team. All I have to say is that I will try. I may not go as in depth, and I probably won't live blog the games like I will the men's games. I wish them the best of luck and support, but I'm only one man...